I meant to write directly after my last post, but once again I’m in limbo. I had my MRI and consultation, but I haven’t received the radiology report yet. The doctor told me there was “good news and bad news.” The good news was that he interpreted a [very] small part of the lesion to be slightly improved, the bad was that the whole area was a lot less improved than he had hoped. Despite his being very familiar with brain scans as a neurologist, I want to verify the former statement with the official radiology report; it’s extremely difficult (especially with my obstinate brain it seems) to match up the different layers of scans since there are so many variables to contend with, such as machine,  operator, head position, and cut. For example, comparing picture A to picture B might be perfect for the top part of the brain but totally wrong for the bottom, which is better compared to picture C or D. It certainly takes a highly-trained, fastidious person to read the results correctly. I know this neurologist is brilliant in his field, but I prefer to react only after reading radiology’s input–even then there can be discrepancies and differences of opinion.

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