Radiology versus Neurology

As I suspected, the radiology report confirms that there are “no significant changes” in my MRI. After messaging my neuro’s staff about this update, I was told that the doctor still disagrees–apparently he’s communicated as much to the radiology department.

Of course, now there’s the issue of trust. If the report changes will it be real (i.e. the radiologist didn’t spend enough time reviewing it the first time) or stretched, fabricated, sorta-kinda-false (to appease the neurologist)? In truth it doesn’t matter because at this point I won’t believe it regardless.

I’m supposed to start with new treatments in the coming weeks, so hopefully I’ll get better results out of round two: 5 grams of IV methotrexate, wait 4 weeks, 5 more grams, wait 6 weeks, new scan. I don’t know whether doubling the medicine will give me typical chemo side effects since 2.5 grams, which is still considered high-dose, did not. Too many variables involved to start predicting again. “I don’t know” is my new mantra.

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